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Modern Technology and Practices

Concept to Design to Manufacturing.  Push the limits of today’s Hardware and Software designs.


We use proven and tested building blocks, alongside cutting edge low power technology. We are your one stop, end-to-end Fusion Engineers — a mix of electrical, mechanical, software, and manufacturing engineers.


Robust automation, databases, mobiles apps, web apps, desktop apps, firmware, project management. Our business background makes us ideal in understanding what you need, and you’ll understand us.


Be in China, or in the US, we will manufacture your design in the most advanced industrial parks in the world. Don’t worry about quality, communication barriers, and cost — we are experts in optimizing those for you.

Supply Chain

Translate our meticulous Supply Chain experience at Fortune 20 companies and small companies, into your own stunning well-oiled Supply Chain machines. Our focus: customers (quality), price (lean), strength (redundancy).


  • Mobile position tracking and databases: System that provides a type of “inside building GPS”, to automatically learn car technician’s efficiency, improve their stats, and automatically tell customers when repair will be done.
  • Mobile sensors with car interface: Device that unlocks/controls your car using your fingerprint, scanned by your phone’s sensor.
  • GPS, tracking software, and call center: Prisoner tracking and reporting system, with robust ankle brace, able to withstand prisoner abuse.
  • Solar powered radar: Latest radar technology being licensed from universities to provide after-market car/bike radar warning systems.  Self powered by solar energy (think low energy!) to make easy install.
  • Technologies: RFID, GPS, Bluetooth, iBeacon, Remote communication, Sensors, Solar, Low Power, SoC
  • Design: Layout, Printed Circuit Board, Electronic Circuit/Schematics
  • Controllers: PLC, Arduino, x86 based, ARM based, multiple SoCs, Custom chipsets
  • Low-level Programming: C/C++, Java, Assembly (multiple archs)
  • Prototypes: Fully functional within 3 weeks
  • Design: Drawings, Layout, Simulation, Performance, Reliability
  • CAD: SolidWorks
  • Fabrication: 3D Printing, Injection, Extrusion, Rotational, any material
  • Enclosures: Regular, Waterproof, Custom form factors
  • Prototypes: Fully functional within 3 weeks






  • Excel automation: Open all files in one directory, formats for review, allows corrections, and a submit button to proceed for payment.
  • Database: Database to keep track of all service calls, technician, and desired actions.
  • Mobile apps: Measure dimensions of a patient’s eye, with real time video augmented reality, to be used real time during eye surgery.
  • Embedded apps: Programing of a tiny web-server (2″, fits in your wallet) to put inside TVs, now enabling the older TVs to be controlled via the web.
  • Database: MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite
  • Web: Windows or Linux servers, Apache, IIS, NGINX, WordPress, DotNetNuke, Cloud
  • Mobile: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone.
  • Desktop: Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  • Firmware: CPU/SoC programming, PLC
  • Cloud based designs: Private or Public cloud, on-site or off-site, geo-physical clusters. Five-nines Reliability, Redundancy, Resilience. Oh yeah.
  • Languages: .Net Framework (ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net), C/C++, Objective-C, Cocoa, Swift, Java, Fortran, Cobol, Pascal, AWK, Perl, PHP, SOAP, REST, AJAX, JQuery, Javascript, Ruby on rails, SQL
  • Concepts/Frameworks: WPF, MVC, PRISM, MVVM, ADO.NET Entity, LINQ


  • Location: China, US, Brazil
  • Quality: We know the difference between a 10¢ capacitor and a 50¢ capacitor. Local presence ensures results.
  • Communication Barriers: Local presence and experience cuts time and risks associated with communication problems.
  • Cost: We go straight to the sources, and have access to innovative processes. Small to Medium businesses can enjoy manufacturing that does not break the bank.
  • Security: We apply concepts that deter your designs from being copied by competitors.
  • Prototypes: Fully functional within 3 weeks


  • Logistics: Material handling, order processing, production, packaging, inventory, transportation (including freight forwarders), and warehousing.
  • Planning: Production management, forecasting, risk management.
  • Procurement:Final product factories, component suppliers, negotiations, and pricing.
  • ERP: Experts in using and communicating with resource planning systems, from custom made to SAP.
  • Modeling: APQC, cost/speed balancing, mapping, resiliency.

Frequently Asked Questions

We love your questions!

Do I have access to the source code of the designs you develop?

Yes, you have access to all the source code, drawings, original SolidWork files, and anything else developed for your project. You could take those with you into another development company, if you ever chose to.

Do you offer discounts for simpler projects?
Yes. We offer up to 30% discount up-front on top of the already listed discounts on the pricing sheet, depending on the task at hand. For example, if your project requires database design (full hourly price), but also needs some data cleanup necessary to import into the Database, we would not charge full price for that work. Typically what happens is that we detect that type of need (upfront or afterwards) and inform you that we’re discounting part of the work, but you can also negotiate with us upfront. We rather you work with us 100%, without headaches, and like to provide you fairness.
I've pre-paid you a chunk of hours. How do I know what you are working on?
We send you detailed reports to you on a negotiated period of time. These reports include deliverables met, notes on the deliverable, hours spent, and any additional discounts given (planned or not-planned).
What happens if I pre-paid and something takes much longer than it should have?

We are usually the first to recognize that you didn’t get the value you should have. Usually our customers are pleasantly surprised by that pro-active approach, as they review the deliverable report and notice we’ve given additional discounts. The deliverable report includes “Hours Spent” and a “Hours Charged” column, so you can have full visibility of how much work we are doing for you and how much you are being charged. At the same time, we rather you share any concerns with us, so we can address them.

Which option should I pick? Pre-paid, Pay as you go, or Quoted Price?
  • Quoted: If the job is large, it has an acceptable precedence to be followed, and we feel that there is a comfortable level of certainty, we would suggest a quoted project. We will first spend part of the time coming up with a robust requirements document with you. This will be a robust but effective document, not like most IT companies that spin their wheels here. Now, you can also use this quoted option for any size of projects, though the bigger the size of the job, the more discounts per hour we can offer. Finally, we will most likely want to protect ourselves and add additional hours to what we estimate the job will take, based on our experience that something unexpected always comes up. With this option, you are protected against price overages, but do not generally get the benefit of a job ending earlier.
  • Pre-paid Hourly: Here you get the benefit of a job ending earlier than quoted job would, but do not get a set ceiling for a specific need. The process is more iterative, and is ideal if you have a queue of projects you need or for smaller jobs (without as much overhead). This is our most popular option, used basically to extend your own staff, though we pride ourselves on being less costly (and delivering more results) than hiring an actual staff. We would counsel to pick the heaviest discounted option (a month of prepaid hours), but the most popular is a week’s worth of prepaid hours.
  • Invoiced Hourly: This option is generally used by clients that are trying us out. It does not have discount incentives that go along our pre-paid options, but you pay after the work is done.

At the end of the day, we hope you see that our policies strive for a happy customer relationship, so we’re going to work either way to make you happy. It really depends on what method you prefer to follow.

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